Animal Acupuncture and Massage Certificate

We have been offering Acupuncture and Shiatsu for animals training since 2001.
Animals respond very quickly to a healing touch and Shiatsu is ideal for this.The application of gentle yet firm pressure results in very relaxed animals.Training is conducted on Horses however other animals may be brought to the face to face seminars.
Acupuncture can be applied to most animals without causing any discomfort.The results are truly amazing.
There are meridian charts for all animals as the Chinese have been using acupuncture and massage on their animals for thousands of years.
Therapeutic Laser use is also taught in the course for needle shy animals.

All training is conducted in the Byron Bay area.We have four different venues to choose from. In this way students  are exposed to a variety of venues and horses.

The majority of the training is conducted on horses however as the treatment principles are the same for all animals, many students have wished to also be given the skills to treat dogs and cats as well.

Students can bring well behaved dogs to the seminars and apply the acupuncture techniques to their dogs.

I will be offering  domestic pet acupuncture and dry needling course later in 2019 and beyond.

Currently two one week seminars are held each year.

Students need to attend three seminar weeks to complete their training together with the home study units.

Training Dates


Dec 2-6


May 18-22

Oct 26-30

Our May training class

A recent graduate providing acupuncture and moxa to a pig that in fact recovered from its illness.

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