Equine Shiatsu
Equine Shiatsu

All horses and animals love Shiatsu as it is a very gentle method of therapy.

Needling a horse
Needling a horse

Many health conditions in an animal can be treated using acupuncture.

Equine Acupuncture on the back
Equine Acupuncture on the back

Fine needles are inserted along the back on trigger points and particular locations that improve organ function

Equine Shiatsu
Equine Shiatsu

All horses and animals love Shiatsu as it is a very gentle method of therapy.

Animal Acupuncture and Massage Certificate

We have been offering Acupuncture and Shiatsu for animals training since 2001.
Animals respond very quickly to a healing touch and Shiatsu is ideal for this.The application of gentle yet firm pressure results in very relaxed animals.Training is conducted on horses .
Acupuncture can be applied to most animals without causing any discomfort.The results are truly amazing.
There are meridian charts for all animals as the Chinese have been using acupuncture and massage on their animals for thousands of years.
Therapeutic Laser use is also taught in the course for needle shy animals.

The entire course can now be completed via distance learning.

A series of instructional videos accompany the extensive training notes for this  course.

Video calls are arranged with the student at a suitable time to guide them with needling, diagnosis and all aspects of the accompanying theories of acupuncture.

Training starts with the unit of Dry Needling.This subject will give the student the knowledge and skills required to provide needling to any animal in a safe and effective way.

Videos also include the shiatsu sequences, and acupuncture point locations.

Acupuncture formulae  are explained in detail in the subsequent units of training.

Please download the course information sheet below for costing and more details.

Face to face seminars are also offered to participants at no extra cost.These are held in teh Byron Bay area.

All students may attend face to face seminars at no extra cost to the Certificate courses

Detailed online instructional videos for both Shiatsu massage and Acupuncture included in the training along with one on one video calls to guide you in your study and practical training.


A recent graduate providing acupuncture and moxa to a pig that in fact recovered from its illness.


I have enrolled in the animal acupuncture and massage course and have recently completed my first unit which is Dry Needling.


The face to face online sessions with Tom were so enjoyable and he was very patient and informative, providing me with numerous insights and helpful hints for needling.

Just last week I did a practice session with a greyhound that has had her hip ball and socket removed. The needle locations that Tom suggested worked their magic and not only did she fall asleep, but her owner commented that her leg was looking longer and more relaxed when she walked on it.


Great course and I look forward to the further subjects.

Shaneen MOODY