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Dry Needling for Animals

Animals suffer from pain and discomfort for a variety of reasons.

It is quite easy to determine where an animal is in pain as they will either move away from pressure when the area is touched or want the area massaged.

This certificate course is open to everyone and covers the basic skills to administer dry needles in a safe and comfortable manner to animals.

Training is mainly demonstrated on horses however the techniques can be applied to any type of animal.

You are welcome to bring your pet to learn how to treat it yourself with this skill.

The course includes :

-The theoretical background of Dry Needling.

-Preparing an animal for Dry Needling

-Basic massage skills to relax the animal prior to Dry Needling

-How to locate Trigger Points

-How to use Filiform needles safely on an animal

-How to manage sharps and dispose of wastes in a safe manner.

-This is a 2 day course and is CPE approved by ANTA.

Please note this is for private use however if students wish to obtain malpractice insurance, further study requirements are available.

Cost of the course is $650

Training dates :

any 2 days of the following weeks:


May 18-22    

October  26-30